Make an impact with powerful trips, meetings and events

It is said that each trip leaves an impression – an insight, a feeling or a new way of looking at things. Whether you are hosting a meeting in Tokyo or a mental journey in the conference room, we want to give you and your guests experiences that leave impressions that you keep talking about.

Kaffelatte och kaka med lime
We have the experience, expertise and creativity that transform your ideas into great experiences

What you need for successful travel, meeting and events

Long experience leads to more ideas

Our long experience of arranging travel, event and experiences has provided us with a wealth of ideas, contacts and local knowledge. With this huge source of inspiration, we tailor your event so that it not only solves your communication task but also creates precisely the vibe you are looking for.

Details are essential

With a good event, the difference lies in the details. It's about thinking through each step of a schedule and considering possible outcomes. But it’s also about the red thread of communication and making sure every detail is just right.

A large network of contacts creates opportunities

Since no two arrangements are alike, there is no event agency that can do it all by itself. Our industry is based on contacts, and the greater the experience we have, the greater the contact network and thus the opportunities to create the right experience.

Some of our clients

We have the privilege of working with many amazing customers with different experiences in the most diverse environments.

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