Our Cookies

Wewent’s website uses cookies. A cookie is a small data file that websites store on the visitor’s computer or other devices and are used to improve the site’s functionalityWewent’s website uses cookies. . A cookie file is passive and can not spread computer viruses or other malware. The visitor can always turn off or delete cookies from their computer if they wish.

Use of cookies

According to the Electronic Communications Act (2003: 389), anyone visiting a website with cookies should be informed about whether the site contains cookies or not and, if so, the purpose of the use of cookies.

Wewent.se uses text files stored on the visitor’s computer to analyze how they use the web page. The information generated by such cookie through the use of the webpage (including your IP address) will never be linked to your personal information. Our cookies contain no personally identifiable information and are used for visitor statistics as well as newsletter purposes.

Our cookies help us to

– Make our website work as the visitor expects.

– Enable you to easily spread content on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

– Collect anonymous statistics to improve website performance and functionality as well as evaluate and improve marketing efforts.